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Do you see your child frustrated, sad or worried?


Does your child...

  • Get upset about small things

  • Easily quit activities

  • Have a hard time transitioning from an activity

  • Receive more behavior reports from school

  • Isolate themselves more

  • Avoid trying new things

  • Have low frustration tolerance


Do you struggle with not knowing what to do to help your child handle anxiety, worry and anger?



Immediate improvements in your child's wellbeing are within reach...


Reduce Anger

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Minimize Worry

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Discover how to teach life skills to your children from an experienced psychotherapist

Paul Sweetow, LCSW
Author | Program Creator | Psychotherapist

Paul Sweetow has spent over 30 years in the helping profession as a psychotherapist. He received his master's degree in social work from The University of Chicago. 

Paul is the author of ten books: Student Life Skills, The Socratic Parent, The Heroic Adventures of Miles and Maria Books 1-8.   

Paul provides psychotherapy for all ages using cognitive/behavioral therapy, DBT, positive psychology, and blends in the warrior mindset.

As a competitive karate athlete, Paul has won 7 consecutive AAU National Championships and a World Championship.

Paul Sweetow

Here is how it works:

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Step 5: Start A Practice

Utilize the Student Life Skills Whiteboard to apply and reflect on the newly learned skills


Student Life Skills Courses 

Decrease Worry Course

Video Lessons Include:

  • Big Little Problem: Learning the difference between a big problem and a little problem
  • Healthy Stress: Learning the difference between healthy stress and unhealthy stress
  • Rule of 5s: Learning about the impermanence of emotions
  • What are the Chances: Learning to identify the probability that a bad thing will happen to us
  • What’s In Out Control: Learning to label problems as inside or outside of our control
  • Problem Scale: Learning to label how big or small our problems are

Reduce Anger Course

Video Lessons Include:

  • Hot Cool Thoughts: Learning how our self-talk can make our feelings more or less intense
  • Problem to Solution: Learning to focus on finding a solution rather than ruminating on a problem
  • What are My Choices: Learning to think of solutions to a problem
  • Get Time Distance: Learning the benefits of taking time and distance from a problem
  • In Out of Control: Learning to label problems as inside or outside of our control
  • Wait Before Respond: Learning the value of waiting before responding to a problem

Build Grit and Resilience

Video Lessons Include:

  • Make Progress: Learning the value of achieving small victories during our day
  • Train Track Thinking: Learning to recognize the good and bad sides of a situation
  • S.I.T. with Problems: Learning to solve, improve, or tolerate a problem
  • Be Consistent with Effort: Learning the value of consistent effort
  • Predict the Outcome: Learning to predict what will happen if we take certain actions

Improve Social Skills

Video Lessons Include:

  • Be Kind: Learning the value of kindness
  • Give Compliments: Learning how to give good compliments to others
  • Be Compassionate: Learning how to show compassion to others
  • Peel The Onion: Learning how to start and keep conversations
  • Observe and Join In: Learning how to join conversations or activities with others
  • Be Forgiving No One is Perfect: Learning the importance of forgiveness

Increase Happiness

Video Lessons Include:

  • Thousands of Parts: Learning to recognize that we are all made up of many skills and traits
  • Attitude of Gratitude: Learning how to feel and express gratitude
  • Appreciate Small Stuff: Learning to recognize the small things that make us happy
  • Change Got to Get To: Learning to appreciate the things in our lives that aren’t the most fun or exciting
  • Be Proactive: Learning to take initiative in order to have fun

Enhance Healthy Habits

Video Lessons Include:

  • Nutrition: Learning about the types of food that will make us feel healthy and energetic
  • Sleep: Learning the importance of sleep and how to get good sleep
  • Exercise: Learning the value of physical exercise
  • Breathing: Learning to practice deep breathing

Succeed In School

Video Lessons Include:

  • Be Organized: Learning how to stay organized
  • Work Hard Now Reward Later: Learning to recognize that working hard now will benefit you in the future
  • Knockout: Learning to finish the hardest task first
  • Momentum: Learning to finish an easy task first in order to build momentum
  • Effort More Important than Talent: Learning the importance of effort
  • Routines Get Things Done: Learning the power of developing good habits


Student Life Skills Online Programs

Each Online Program consists of Ready-To-Use Two-Minute Animated Video Lessons with Downloadable Parent Instruction Sheets, Downloadable Worksheets for child to practice the skill 

Online Program


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  • 60+ animated life skill video lessons
  • Downloadable Parent Instruction Sheets
  • Downloadable Worksheets for child to practice the skill
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  • 60+ animated life skill video lessons
  • Downloadable Parent Instruction Sheets
  • Downloadable Worksheets for child to practice the skill
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How to Use the Student Life Skills Whiteboard

Paul Sweetow illustrates how the whiteboard can be used to apply, reflect and practice a newly learned skill


Get Results or Money Back Guarantee!

I have worked with thousands of clients now and have seen them witness improvement in their child's anger, anxiety and worry by using the Student Life Skills online social skills training program.

If you watch all of the training videos and complete the worksheets, you will get results too. So I'll offer you this guarantee... if you complete all the videos & don't see any improvements in your child's emotional wellbing... I'll give you your money back.

So you can make this purchase with peace-of-mind. investment!

What Parents and Educators Are Saying About the Student Life Skills Online Program

Penelope L. Peterson Ph.D.

Dean, School of Education and Social Policy, Northwestern University

In Student Life Skills, Paul Sweetow provides useful tools for parents and teachers to help children learn skills for coping with their feelings in different life situations involving school, family and friends. I highly recommend the book to parents and teachers who want to help children develop resilience so that each child can deal easily with hardships that come along.

Stan McCracken, Ph.D.

Lecturer-Retired, University of Chicago, Vietnam Veteran—US Army

As a veteran and clinician working with the military, I understand that the relationship with our children are critically important for the emotional wellness of both the child and the parent. Student Life Skills provides actionable tools and strategies for parents to help their children in areas of: increasing happiness, reducing stress and anger, building grit and resilience, succeeding in school, and enhancing relationships with family and friends. I highly recommend Student Life Skills to all military parents.

As a teacher and a parent, I found Student Life Skills to be incredibly effective. The life skill lessons took, just a minute to learn and use. Then I would refer back to those lessons using the Key Words or Key Questions when real-life circumstances called for them. Student Life Skills is more like a reference source that allows you to go directly to the skill you want to use. My kids were always willing to read the lesson because the color illustrations were appealing and they noticed it was just a short passage for them to read. The worksheets that accompany each lesson were fun for them; I highly recommend this course for all parents and teachers.

As a father of 3 and grandfather of 1, I found this program easy to use and full of great ways to counsel your children as they grow. I wish I would have had this information when my children were younger. In today's social media driven, anxiety filled world the techniques the author uses are easy to follow and very helpful. One of the more frustrating things about parenting is not having ready answers when your children need help. This book gives you concrete easy steps to help you child when they need it most.


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